Get Famous, Mobile and Heroic!

April 12, 2011

Time to finish WordPress’ lengthy tutorial.

I will go over and utilize the last three sections:

  1. “Get Famous”: Pulling in crowds.
  2. “Get Mobile”: Blogging from my cell phone.
  3. “Get Heroic”: Final notes.


“Get Famous”

This is the section where my blog stars in a famous movie, dons celebrity sun glasses and walks down the red carpet.


First it goes over stats. On my busiest day I’ve had 27 people visit my blog page. Not very much, but I’m proud.

The nicest thing about my stats page is that it tells me how people got to my page. This can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using words that will show up in search engines to draw the right crowds to my page. Very, very useful.

Spreading the word about my blog:

  • Keep and respond to comments people make on my blog. Engages readers and builds relationships.
  • Provide helpful links. Further builds relationships.
  • Connect blog to other social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (Already done!)
  • Make it easy for people to subscribe to my blog.
  • Use polls. Quick and helps me learn more about my readers.
  • Monitor my audience’s growth. Keeps me motivated!

These are all great ideas. I’ve already done all of them except for #1. No one but myself and WordPress itself has made comments on my blog, so no conversation with my readers there. This will change though. 🙂


“Get Mobile”

By Cell Phone:

This section describes how I can use my cell phone to record live media and post it to my blog. It also suggests making new posts with my cell phone.

My phone is a little special. As in old and slow, so this won’t be happening anytime soon. I will keep it in mind though.

Good phone for talking. Not for surfing the net.

If I find things on the net with interesting pictures/text/video I want to use on my phone, I can use PressThis. PressThis can be used a link in my browser so I can easily use things when on my phone. Pretty helpful for when I do get my own fancy phone.

Now that I’ve added “PressThis” to my Firefox bookmarks, it’s time to move on to the next tutorial section.


“Get Heroic”

This is the tutorials closing page where they wish you luck, ask for tutorial reviews/suggestions, and links you to more help for your blog.

This is how I feel now that I’m done with WordPress’ tutorial:

I’m ecstatic enough to want to climb a cat tree! (But I won’t and my cat thanks me for it.)


This post was short but I really just wanted to finish the WP Tutorial. Next time I will post something more useful and interesting.

Possible posts for next time:

  • WordPress and making a website.
  • Blogging and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Other blog sites vs. WordPress.
  • Successful Blog Language/Layout/Format.

Until next time!







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