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Getting Published and More!

March 20, 2011

Hello! I took a break from blogging yesterday to clean the house, go paddleboarding with my sister in the sun (during which we had seals following us), visit with a best friend, pick my parents up from the airport, and generally just to relax. Anyways, this is not a blog about my personal life. On to my blog!

So, I’ve decided to start my blog off with an analysis of how I’m doing. So far so good. I’ve got my theme, my header, my widgets, two posts (three after I publish this one), a detailed profile, an introduction paragraph, a general knowledge of how to set up a WordPress blog, pictures in my posts, goals for my blog, and that’s as much as I can currently think of. The problems that I have so far are: the blank spaces after my pictures in my second post and the cut off pictures in my first blog. My current idea to solve this problem: have a test post with a picture. So, that is what I’m going to do right now and then I will make a fourth continuing post.

What I’m going to do is post a large picture of a golden retriever because I own one and she is amazing.


This picture was a giant one but it looks like I might have changed my post picture settings so that the pictures shrinks to fit my main blog template. I’m also hoping this text won’t be a million blank lines down from the picture. Now to publish this post. Here I go!